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Teams and Player Statistics

Registered teams are a very nice feature. I haven't been able to use it as of yet. but in most pool leagues it is a requirement to keep statistics on both the TEAMS and the players.

A great feature would be to be able to have the teams feature also allow for a drop down list of each player who plays the match.


Team 1 vs. Team 2

They play in a match format. Where its basically a roster that repeats until everyone has played or met the race requirements.

A typical first set might look like this.

T1 - Player 1 vs. T2 Player 1
T1 - Player 2 vs. T2 Player 2
T1 - Player 3 vs. T2 Player 3
T1 - Player 4 vs. T2 Player 4

What I am looking for is a Roster for each team. So when we get to the match area. Instead of it being the simple sets and boxes for the Team if there would be a way to create a linked tournament

Where we instead set up the matches individually of each of the players (like a singles tournament)

But we can click have each player coded to his/her team so when the you click on standings there is an additional tab that shows the TEAM statistics...(duplicate of the standard statistics we uses) AND the standings of the individual players. So when a team match is scheduled. what happens is the matches are entered in the single T1P1 (Team One Player One) vs. T2P1 (Team Two Player One) match. just like we do singles leagues now.

But because in set-up we clicked the feature of "USE REGISTERED TEAMS) it will automatically take the data from each player and tally it in each round for the respective team. (numerical data only)

So when we click the teams feature. We could also have an options as follows:

1. Use Registered Teams (YES/NO)
2. Require Team Members to be Registered Challonge Users (YES/NO)
3. Record Individual Player Scores (YES/NO)
4. Link Individual Player Scores to Team Statistics (YES/NO)
5. Enter Team Roster by Match or by Season (PICK ONE)
6. Allow Substitute Players (YES/NO)
7. Require Substitute Players to be Registered to team (YES/NO)
8. Provide Team Standings Tab (YES/NO)
9. Provide Player Standings Tab (YES/NO)
10. Total Number or Players Allowed on Roster (Enter a Number)
11. Substitutes allowed to play for other teams (YES/NO)
12. Create a registered Substitute List (YES/NO)

I believe this feature would increase the ability to dominate in the field of league pool. These could be advanced features only available in the PREMIERE Portion of the app. Which is very reasonable.

I think you could get more premier subscribers if you simply added these features for premiere users since it is a one time fee.


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