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Free For All Tourney (Top 5 of 10 players advance) Settings...

I would love to be able to host a DOOM 2016 FFA Tourney, but can't seem to find a way around the proper setup...
The setup: 20 players compete in x2 simultaneously played matches consisting of 10 Players per match FFAs. Top 5 from each match play in the 10 Player FFA Final. I thought I might be able to use the "Double Elimination Two Stage Tournament" But the Group Stage wants to treat the individual players as it would a world cup team. The issue being if that were true, it would be like 10 teams playing each other at the same time, which doesn't seem good for football :P

The main thing that it would need in the current setup would be the ability to add a number of Groups to this setup: http://i.imgur.com/cJbzsJi.png
For example: Groups: 2
And then the "Participants that Advance" wouldn't have to be divisible by 2.

So it would look like:
2: Groups
10: participants compete in each group
5: participants advance from each group

Is that possible? Sorry if my wording was confusing :)

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