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Running a Prediction Contest

The Challonge prediction system can be used to run March Madness style prediction contests for single elimination and double elimination tournaments. This can be enabled through ticking the checkbox beside 'Enable bracket prediction' under the 'Predictions and Voting' panel:

Once the tournament is created, add participants from the 'Participants' tab and click 'Start Accepting Predictions' to start the prediction phase of the tournament:

During the prediction phase of the tournament, logged in users are able to create a prediction. Predictions can only be viewed by the prediction owner so that a user's prediction doesn't influence other predictions. Users who are not logged in will be guided through the account setup process, which will ultimately allow them to create a prediction.

When your prediction phase is over, click 'Start the Tournament' to lock predictions in (making them public) and begin the tournament.

As the tournament is run and match scores are reported, predictions will automatically be scored and ranked. Once all matches have been reported, the prediction at the top of the page will have the highest score and can be declared the prediction winner.

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