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Multiple Round Robins

I think it would help to allow users to specify how many round robins to have in a tournament. I'm going to be running tournaments that require a double round robin format, so this would be a great help.

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    Tim MorrisTim Morris shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  David CorneliusAdminDavid Cornelius (Admin, CHALLONGE!) responded  · 

    Thanks for suggesting this. We’ll need to clean up the way we present round robins before allowing multiple (otherwise the bracket page will be ginormous), but we’ll try to check this off next year.


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Definitely need this please. Great site.

      • Cosmin FaurCosmin Faur commented  · 

        This is a must... I don't understand why it hasn't been implemented yet.

      • Bill RolandBill Roland commented  · 

        First, I love this site! We are a small group of volleyball enthusiasts and get together to play for fun. We have used Challonge for several tournaments. With a double round robin option, we would be able to run a league. Using the results to seed an end of season tournament. I know this has been on the back burner for a few years. Sure would love to see it pulled to the front!

      • AngieAngie commented  · 

        We use double round robins in our pool tournaments. Right now I'm doubling up the dates and entering scores as separate sets. It works but would be so much nicer to have each match on it's own line.

      • Hockey LeagueHockey League commented  · 

        To clean up the round robin presentation, you could allow tournament organizers to hide certain rounds, which would help with tournaments that limit the amount of rounds played each week.

      • Devil KirbyDevil Kirby commented  · 

        I think that we should at least be able to decide how many times each team plays each other in a round robin, instead of just 1 time.

      • LukLuk commented  · 

        C'mon, add it!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Double Round Robin still not here...

      • maxwellgrigsonmaxwellgrigson commented  · 

        What the hell. Posted in 2011 replied to in 2013 and still not a feature in 2015? Is this a matter of forgetting or laziness.

      • RichRich commented  · 

        Double Round Robin are a must for FIFA tournaments

        Update us on the progress!

      • PhilPhil commented  · 

        This would be a great feature to add - Lots of sports feature home and away fixtures within the same season so even being able to play the same person twice within a round robin would be a useful addition to the site functionality.

        This is a great site already btw - Thanks for all the hard work! :-)

      • VRVR commented  · 

        What is the update on this request? When can we start using a Round Robin system where each player play other player in its group more than once?

        Thank you for looking into this.

      • Arul TresoldiArul Tresoldi commented  · 

        I also would like to have the chance to set the number of Rounds Robins and the number of players promoted to next phase: then, Challonge will automatically choose how many players will compete in each Round Robin (atm is the opposite!).

      • DustinDustin commented  · 

        Is this possible yet?

      • JonJon commented  · 

        Is this still in the works? I have a group from a gaming community that plans to use Challonge for tournaments, but we are having to hold two matches at a time to get around this limitation. It would be great if we could do double round robin tournaments!

      • Daniel Mavrick LangDaniel Mavrick Lang commented  · 

        You could overcome 'clutter' on this page by just using a simple tab based system up the top that we can label possibly?

      • SallySally commented  · 

        I've been running double RR's for several years using a googledoc spreadsheet (this one is for 6 players, but I have them for up to 12) -- the major problem being the high maintenance for an unsecurable editable html doc with many players trampling on it with their smartphones. Here is a sample template. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq5OJV9pvnZvdGtlYlIxcTlzUUJDdG5UZ05NRTJOWkE&usp=drive_web#gid=0
        I shifted to using Challonge a few months ago because it is more secure, much easier and friendlier to phone's and pads. I'm gathering from this thread that there are problems with a DRR using the RR bracket, and just found realized the problem -- why is this one scored as it is? the first and second place player had identical game/set scores, but the second place player has a greater spread. I'm supposing that because the first place won both games in the match with the second place that there is a bonus hidden in the matrix. How is the winner determined by Challonge?

      • CurtisCurtis commented  · 

        I have tournaments run with 9 participants and everyone faces one another only once, we run it with madden 25, and we would all like to see multiple RR, at least a double RR. Would add a lengthy tournament with chances to come back and win against someone you might have lost to the first time around. Not sure why this is not being implemented :( I still enjoy this site anyway :)

      • fazlisfazlis commented  · 

        We, at Sparrows Scrabble group on FB, also play a Monthly RR Tournament where we have multiple Groups with around 10 players in each participating and I have to create a separate Tournament for each Group and then collate the results of all into one larger Group using an Excel Spreadsheet. It will be nice if we can club tournaments to each other and compile them into one b ig scorecard at the end.

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